Project Description


Kayaking & Stand Up Padle Boarding remain sone of the most tranquil and intimate ways to explore our stunning Lake Wanaka. Savour the sense of freedom and independence of paddling at your own pace and relish the chance to truly experience the lake’s crystal clear water. Many love to paddle through the marina up to Eely Point, while others head off on the 2.7km paddle to the favourite and enchanting Ruby Island adding in an island walk and snack before returning via the shallow shores of Roy’s Bay. We offer double kayaks, single kayaks and stand up paddle boards right from the beach front. Bookings are not required.

Departure Location

The Log Cabin, 100 Ardmore Street, Wanaka

What’s included

  • 1Hr + freedom kayak rental
  • life jackets, paddles, kayaks etc

Why us?

  • #1 Wanaka location
  • 14+ activities available on site
  • 2nd hour discounts

What to bring

  • Summer – Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Togs/swimwear, Warm Jacket & Camera (at own risk)
  • Winter – Sunscreen, beanie, Gloves, Sunglasses, Warm jacket & Camera (at own risk)
DO WE NEED TO BOOK?2018-08-26T00:28:15+00:00

Our kayaks are not able to be booked. We simply operate on a first in first served basis. We do have 13+ single kayaks and 5+ double kayaks plus paddle boards.

IS A DOUBLE OR SINGLE KAYAK BETTER?2018-08-26T00:26:46+00:00

Our double and single kayaks are the same price per person. If you are wanting freedom single kayaks may be a better option, however if you are wanting to share the workload a double is your best bet.

WILL I FALL OUT/WILL I GET WET?2018-08-26T00:24:31+00:00

Our kayaks are designed to be as stable as possible. It is however still possible to fall out and depends on your balance. You may get wet from your paddle actions or if you fall out/tip out.

WHERE CAN WE GO?2018-08-26T00:23:00+00:00

With our freedom rental kayaks you are restricted to Roy’s Bay. This includes Ruby Island.


  • extra hrs $10


  • extra hrs $20

Lakeland Wanaka phone bookings: 0508 52 53 52