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Project Description

Fly Board

Embrace your adventurous side, fly through the air like a superhero above Wanaka’s beautiful waterfront. Get an adrenaline rush and a completely unique experience when you learn to Fly board during your stay in Lake Wanaka. No matter your experience, you can master gravity and be flying above the water in just a few minutes. You’ll fly through the air propelled by powerful water jets and enjoy world famous views in the back ground.

Your fly board experience includes instruction on land and 20 minutes of flight time in the water. Get personalized attention and professional instructions, perfect for advanced riders or first timers. It’s a thrilling experience unlike any other, feel the thrill of flight on a fly board.


  • Your chance to become a SUPERHERO
  • 20 MINUTES of pure adrenaline flying through the air
  • UNIQUE EXPERIENCE in amazing surrounds
  • PROGRESS your skills and learn new tricks
  • GREAT VALUE – more bang for your buck and we’ve got epic deals within our Lakeland range
  • NO SKILLS REQUIRED to ride with WanaJet
  • HASSLE FREE – just step on board from Lake Wanaka’s waterfront. Right in the heart of Wanaka.
  • KICK-ASS SKILLED TRAINERS who live what the preach
  • 100% KIWI – locally owned and operated

IS THERE A WEIGHT LIMIT?2018-10-10T01:48:56+00:00

Yes, the minimum weight is 45kg and the maximum weight is 150kg.

WHAT IS THE MINIMUM AGE TO FLY BOARD?2018-10-10T01:48:07+00:00

The minimum age requirement for a person to try flyboarding is 15 years old. However, persons who are younger are allowed to fly with a signed waiver form from a parent or legal guardian. People as young as 10 years old and weighing at least 45kg can try flyboarding.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO LEARN?2018-10-10T01:47:12+00:00

Most people are up and flying within 10 minutes with a Flyboard Certified Instructor. Your flight experience may vary depending on your ability to execute your flight instructors directions, but most are performing basic maneuvers and flying up to heights of 3-5m in a 30 minute session.

DO I NEED TO BE A STRONG SWIMMER?2018-10-10T01:46:10+00:00

Absolutely not. We do encourage our riders to be able to at least swim as this may give them more confidence in the water however a life jacket will be used at all times so even non swimmers would be welcome.


MATT JOPSONFly Board NZ Director
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MICHAEL DONALDOperation Manager
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Contact Info

The Log Cabin 100 Ardmore Street WANAKA

Phone: 0508 52 53 52