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Project Description

Wanaka Jet Boat

You know you want to!! Who doesn’t want bragging rights of having jetted down New Zealand’s largest river to experience one of New Zealand’s most iconic adventure activities. Boost your energy and stretch that smile while dashing along some of the world greatest scenery. Marvel at the power and remarkable manoeuvrability of New Zealand’s famous jet boat. Ride with Wana Jet and experience the water like you never have before. Picture yourself skimming across shallow water, over sand bars, through rapids and around rocks at speeds in excess of 80kph, now picture doing this down New Zealand’s swiftest river with no seat belt and no brakes; that’s one way to get your adrenaline levels through the roof.

It’s so convenient as you depart directly from Wanaka’s waterfront enjoy a scenic jaunt across the lake into a wonderland of unsurpassed snow-capped mountain views, as we prepare to enter one of the world’s swiftest flowing rivers, the Clutha River. The Clutha River is famous for its crystal clear fast flowing water showing off its large partially submerged boulders. Here your expert driver will raise your excitement demonstrating the manoeuvrability of the jet boat pushing it to its absolute limits; skilfully navigating through shallow water, tunnels and over giant pressure waves, speeding past trees mere inches from your face disappearing in your peripheral vision.

When you think Jet Boat, of course you think of the iconic Hamilton Spin! A high-speed manoeuvre causing the boat to spin rapidly on the spot creating G forces you just can’t get enough of. This is where the smiles go wide, so come grab your dose of serious fun – book WanaJet.

WanaJet is a must do! You’ll snap photos of a lifetime. Imagine capturing mountains ranging over 2000m, the famous Lake Wanaka and tree-lined river all in one shot! Along the way, the driver will stop for that once in a lifetime ‘snap shot’ and provide commentary of the area and the jet boat itself. Our trip makes the best of blood pumping adrenaline along with some of the world’s best scenery in the background. Come experience the Ultimate Thrill for yourself…


  • A wild ride in the world famous WANAKA SCENERY
  • 60 MINUTES of pure adrenaline on New Zealand’s swiftest river
  • HAMILTON SPINS and high powered New Zealand designed Jet boats
  • REAL JET BOATING in water that’s less than 5cm deep in places
  • GREAT VALUE – more bang for your buck and we’ve got epic deals within our Lakeland range
  • NO HEIGHT RESTRICTIONS to ride with WanaJet
  • HASSLE FREE – just step on board one of our Jet boats from Lake Wanaka’s waterfront. Right in the heart of Wanaka.
  • KICK-ASS SKILLED DRIVERS trained to the highest standard in the industry
  • 100% KIWI – locally owned and operated

DO I NEED TO BOOK2018-09-01T06:41:06+00:00

No matter on the time of year, we recommend you book prior to arrival, especially in peak periods to avoid an unnecessary delay or disappointment. You can check seat availability and make a Booking Online or call our Team on 0800 WANA JET (0800 92 62 53).

WILL I GET SEA SICK?2018-09-01T06:41:17+00:00

Jet boating should not make you feel seasick. Wana Jet goes down the river where it is calmest even when the lake is rough.

CAN I TAKE MY CAMERA?2018-09-01T06:41:33+00:00

On our trip, there are many fantastic photo opportunities so yes camera may be brought on board, however these are at your own risk. With jet boating, there is a risk of getting slightly wet therefore we can take no responsibility for any damage.

WILL I GET WET?2018-09-01T06:41:58+00:00

Part of the fun with Jet boating is the spray, therefore during some of our high speed manoeuvres you may get a little wet. We can provide spray jackets to wear under your life jacket to keep you mostly dry and warm. If you particularly concerned about getting a little wet we would recommend that you sit the centre seats of the boat. Please note however, we can’t guarantee seating.

HOW OFTEN ARE TRIPS RUN?2018-09-01T06:42:07+00:00

We operate every day of the year except Christmas Day. Our trips are run frequently throughout the day however exact times change from Winter to Summer, please check our Book Now section for exact trip departures.


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MICHAEL DONALDOperation Manager
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Contact Info

The Log Cabin 100 Ardmore Street WANAKA

Phone: 0508 52 53 52