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Hire from us and create your escape

Explore Lake Wanaka

We have developed a wide range of Must Do hire activities, allowing you to explore Lake Wanaka your way at your own pace. Come gain a new passion for water and get up close and personal with the outdoors.

There are so many places to visit throughout Wanaka on your holiday; come ask us for our favourite spots whether kayaking routes or jet ski and boat rental destinations. Let's make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Take Control Of Your Adventure

Double Kayak Lake Wanaka

Kayak/SUP Hire

From NZD $25.00

Come immerse yourself in Lake Wanaka. Kayak with the world’s most stunning back drop of snowcapped mountains in every direction. Feel the outdoor air and experience on of the most tranquil ways to explore our stunning Lake Wanaka.

Boat Hire Main

Boat Hire

From NZD $225.00

Looking for a relaxing day sightseeing? Wanting to visit our nature islands? Or just wanting some fun with the family our boat hire packages are sure to suit. Have the freedom to explore the lake and admire the scenery with family or friends with our boat hire. Set your own personal location and duration and discover some of Wanaka’s hidden features.

Jet Ski Self Guided Tour

Self Guided Jet Ski Hire

From NZD $499.00

Jet Skis provide an exciting option to explore Lake Wanaka your own way by yourself or with a passenger with our self-guided jet ski tours.

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Aqua Bike Rental

From NZD $30.00

Looking for a cheap way to have some fun out on the water? Our aqua bikes are the answer!
Hop on an aqua bike with your family or friends and enjoy the novelty of pedalling your way
around Lake Wanaka.

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