The lake on an island on a lake on an island…

One of New Zealand’s more unique wonders sits hidden on Lake Wanaka. Accessible only via boat lays an island, known as Mou Waho or commonly referred to as the lake on the lake. The largest of Lake Wanaka islands Mou Waho is a protected home to many native bird and plant life, but what makes it so popular is what’s located at the summit. The peak sits at just over 200m above lake level and offers stunning views of Lake Wanaka, mountain ranges and its very own lake.

The Arethusa Pool is a natural feed lake sitting in a rock cradle some 150m above the main lake. Come summer the water here reaches slightly higher temperatures than Lake Wanaka but provides an opportunity to swim in a truly unique location. Above these pools at the summit sit an overhanging ledge providing once in a lifetime 360 views. The island walk from the bottom to the summit last around 20 -30 mins each way and is classified as an intermediate fitness track.

Mou Waho attracts many visitors come summer time, from tourists with the camera ready through to locals looking for a relaxing peaceful camping spot. The beauty of the island is that it can accommodate for many visitors but make sure to keep an eye on those cheeky Wekas. Given half a chance they will be going through your bag looking for anything interesting.
Visiting this island is a must do on your visit to Wanaka, it provides you with amazing scenic views and hold some great history of the area. Whether you visit via kayak or boat it is one destination you will never forget, just make sure you remember to bring your camera so you take the views and memories with you.

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