Beach Toy Paddle Boats

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Beach Toys Paddle Boats

Lakeland Adventures beach toys of water bees & aqua bikes provide fun for the whole family and an option great for all ages. With no previous skills or experience required these stable and buoyant beach toys are such an easy way to get the whole family out onto the lake.

They are designed to keep the passengers dry and out of the water so they are not only a summer activity but available all year round.

Lakeland’s beach toys consist of 2 different designs both offering unique enjoyment and an unconventional way to enjoy the area.

The Aqua Bikes which fits 2 passengers provides a fun and novel way to travel on the water. Essentially it is a floating 3 wheeled bikes peddled as you normally would. They can offer some great competitive fun by hiring two and racing friends. Alternatively, you could purchase some fish food and feed the fish ducks and eels just below your feet for a unique encounter with some of our endemic NZ species.

The Water Bees are available to all ages and sizes (adult accompaniment/supervision will be required for young children). With 2 and 4 seat options available you can entertain the whole family. These Catamaran designed peddle boats offer a stable ride and relaxed seating with cup holders built in you can even take your coffee. With a range of positions to accommodate people of all heights, adults and kids alike can enjoy a comfortable, fast and fun ride.

Beach toys are great fun and very little time is needed to get you out enjoying the Lake.


2 Person Toys

  • Suitable for any age
  • Life Jackets Included
  • 20 Minutes

4 Person Toys

  • Suitable for any age
  • Life Jackets Included
  • 20 Minutes